Tortoise Boarding

We provide Vivarium or table accomodation for younger Tortoises and pen style accomodation for older/larger Tortoises. We see mainly Mediterranean species of Tortoise such as Hermann’s or Spur-thighed but can accommodate all species in our fully flexible accommodation. We are lucky to have a large area for our boarding which is fully heated and ventilated and can therefore keep our guests safe and warm at any time of year.

Little Flash, one of our young guests enjoying the garden

We have a large garden and have pens available for use in the garden so when the sun is shining our guests can enjoy some natural rays.

We have recently developed our Tortoise garden for outdoor tortoise which is planted with lots of different edible plants and weeds including clover, dandelion, sow thistle, cleavers, plantain and nasturtium and has prime spot for sunshine. All torties are provided with a hut for shelter and are shut away safe over night. We sow and plant throughout the year to make sure there is always something tasty to graze on.


  • Vivariums/Indoor heated tortoise tables/pens are priced FROM £6.00 per day for an individual Tortoise (up to 4ft available)
  • Outdoor pens are purpose made to fit the size of the Tortoise and are priced FROM £5.50 per day for an individual Tortoise and £1.50 per extra Tortoise in the same pen.
  • We charge for day of arrival and departure and we provide all lighting and heating within the setups.
  • In light of the energy price cap rise, for Tortoise bookings between 1st November and 21st March there will be a 50 pence/day surcharge for the extra overnight heating required to maintain a constant temperature for over wintering Tortoise.
  • Please note that a surcharge of £7 per enclosure is payable for stays that include Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Years Day with arrivals and departures unavailable on these days.

We are proud to grow lots of our own fresh food here in our garden and provide all forage including edible flowers, fruit and herbs. Some favourites of our guests include Borage, Nasturtium, Violas, Pansies, Strawberries and Salad leaves. We also provide all daily supplements and warm baths during your Tortoises stay.

We will always try to keep to your Tortoise’s schedule during their stay and will therefore ask for their usual temperature and lighting requirements on the booking forms.