About Us

My name is Karen, I started this business in 2017 after I found it difficult finding someone to look after my pets while my husband and I went away to get married. I was given my first Guinea Pig at the age of 4 and have never been without one or seven since! My love of reptiles started back in 2015 when I rescued a tiny Bearded Dragon called Enya, she was in a bad way when she came to live with us. With all the best will in the world and specialist vet care she unfortunately didn’t make it and passed away just a few months later. The experience of Enya made me realise just how specialist the care is for these little creatures and how much damage could be done in just a short space of time. I am currently mum to seven piggies, Gordon and his wives Poppy & Tulip, little Mighty Mouse and his wife Mavis and our boys Wallace and Gromit. We have added two gorgeous Bunnies to our family called William & Catherine and also have two Rankin’s Dragons called Eva and Elton and three dogs called Breagh, Charlie and Jasper. The dogs have been bought up around Guinea Pigs since they were babies but I can assure you they aren’t allowed around our guests and our accommodation is a dog free zone. I also work part time as a dog groomer and run this service alongside my job. I keep things on a small scale so I can give all the pets I look after real home from home care. I am DBS checked and also hold a certificate in pet first aid which I am required to retake every 3 years. My husband Steve helps out too if I am out grooming or on home visits as he works from home.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to hear from you soon.

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