Rabbit Boarding

We offer pen style accommodation within our fully equipped garage. We only have one pen available to book. Our pen is only suitable for a single or a pair of rabbits.

Please note our pen is not suitable for free roam, house rabbits or giant breeds however we can offer home visits, more information available on our home visits tab.

Due to us only having one available pen we are only able to accommodate a minimum 4 day stay.

Rabbits will be allowed to have supervised free roaming within the accommodation building and in the warmer months we have a secure run in the garden for fresh air and exercise.

We have over 20 years experience looking after small furries and hold a certificate in animal first aid which is refreshed every 3 years.

Rabbits staying with us are offered unlimited farm meadow hay and timothy hay which is purchased from Just4rabbits or Haybox. We provide fresh or dried forage daily along with small portions of vegetables and herbs. We also provide healthy treats including Fibafirst sticks, hay cookies and seasonal sticks including Apple, Hawthorn and Birch (all grown in our garden). We ask that you provide your bunnies own dried food for their stay and if they are particular about their hay we would ask that you bring a supply of that too.

We use Pet Remedy plug ins and sprays within our accommodation to help settle and de-stress bunnies during their stay. We ask that you bring a small ziplock bag of used litter with your buns and that they are transported in a safe manner. We will keep all pet carriers here at the hotel incase we need to transport your buns during their stay. We encourage owners to bring a few toys with their bunnies however we are limited on storage space. Each pen will have a tunnel, litter tray, hay rack, raised platform and stacking cups that are all disinfected between guests.

Our pen has a Lino floor with foam tiles underneath for comfort, cool pods and tiles will be given during warmer weather and we provide water in both a bowl and bottle.

Vaccinations and Boarding Requirements

We can only board rabbits that are fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RHD1 and R“`HD2. Vaccinations mustn’t expire during the rabbits stay and must have been given more than 21 DAYS prior to booking if newly vaccinated. If you are providing booster vaccinations every 12 months these must not have lapsed before their booster.

We will require a copy of any rabbits vaccine certificates sent to our email before we can confirm any booking request.

We require that all rabbits staying with us have been Neutered at least 8 weeks prior to their stay and any bonded pairs have been fully settled in their bond for at least 12 weeks before they are due to stay. This is due to the risk involved in a different environment which can easily cause friction in a new relationship.


Please note our pricing is per day and includes day of arrival and departure. We require a 50% refundable deposit for any bookings.

10% of the total booking cost will be held as a non-refundable booking fee if a booking is cancelled more than 3 days after a booking is confirmed.

The full deposit will be lost if less than 28 days notice is given for a cancellation.

  • Single bunny £12 per day
  • Two bunnies sharing £15 per day
  • Heating is available at a surcharge of £1 per day per pen

For stays that include Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Years day a surcharge of £7 will be added to your booking with drop offs and collections unavailable on these days.

For bunnies that stay during firework season we will provide music within the accommodation however if your bunny is prone to stress induced Gut Statis we would urge not to board during these periods.

Please click the below link to fill out our booking request form and we will respond within 24 hours to let you know if we have availability for the dates you require.



We do offer bunny grooming services alongside the boarding including Nail trimming. More details are available on our grooming page.