Dog Walking and Visits

I am no longer taking on new clients at this time, please feel free to contact if you wish to go on to a cancellation list.

Dog Walking

About Me

My name is Karen and I have been a dog owner for over 15 years and worked with dogs for the past 6. My training and experience not only comes from 6 years as a dog groomer but prior to that I trained and competed in both Obedience and Agility with my own dogs. I have assisted in Puppy training classes with both Puppy School and through various training clubs I have used. I only use positive training techniques and will not walk dogs using any adverse restraints such as check collars or otherwise. I have many years of experience with my own reactive dog and rescue dogs and take very seriously the need for positive experiences while out, I understand how damaging bad experiences can be not only with a reactive dog but every dog.

We cover the following areas: Tonbridge, Hadlow, East Peckham, Golden Green, Tudeley, Five Oak Green, Paddock Wood

Solo Walks

We don’t offer group walks and so can concentrate on your dog and their walk. This is perfect if you have a reactive, nervous or elderly dog or even a new puppy as you can be assured they will be safe and only allowed to interact with dogs I deem to be safe and friendly if we come across other walkers while we are out.

Being an owner of rescues and reactive dogs I can understand how worrying it can be knowing they are out with someone new. I am very lucky to live in a very rural area and know lots of lovely quiet walks where I rarely come across another soul.

I can offer either 30 minute or 1 hour walks and happy to walk near to where you live or pop them in the car and take them somewhere different up to a maximum of 10 minutes drive from the home address.

  • 30 minute solo walk £15 (+£5 extra dog from same household up to a maximum of 3 in total)
  • 60 minute walk £20 (+£7 extra dog from same household up to a maximum of 3 in total)

If like me you have 3 dogs of varying ages you can split your time between them, for example a younger more energetic dog can have the majority of the hour and then an older dog can have a short 10 minute stroll but the time taken to bring one home and take another out will be taken out of the allotted time. For this reason those walks can only be done near to the home address.

Please download the dog registration form by clicking the link below:

Home Visits

Whether it be for a new puppy or an elderly dog who doesn’t want or need long walks any more just a toilet break and leg stretch I offer either a 30 minute or 45 minute pop in service.

Some dogs don’t need a long walk they just need some company, a chance to go to the toilet and some cuddles. I can administer prescribed medication, freshen up the water and feed if needed.

Puppy visits will include play time, some training and garden time. If you don’t have a garden we can discuss a safe space for them to visit for toilet breaks. I can also feed if the puppy is having several meals a day and give them lots of mental stimulation to tire them out ready for a nice long nap.

  • 30 minute home visit £10
  • 45 minute home visit £15

Dogs needs will be assessed on an individual basis, if as part of a home visit your puppy or older dog/s would like a quick 5 minute leg stretch walk close to home then that is perfectly fine.

Please click the link below to download our dog registration form for home visits:

All requests for dog walking or home visits will first have a free consultation visit to meet you and your dog/s and assess your and their needs.

Please note I am fully insured through Pet Plan Sanctuary and hold a Canine First Aid certificate and fully DBS checked.