Reptile Boarding

We have many years experience looking after Dessert Reptile species such as Bearded Dragons. We have our own beautiful Rankin’s Dragons called Eva and Elton and have Vivarium setups for Bearded, Rankin’s, Leopard Gecko, and other specific dessert species. We are lucky enough to have vivariums here ready to use and therefore this minimises the upheaval for you as owners having to transport accommodation. If you would prefer to bring your own it isn’t a problem but please let us know if this is the case as we will need to make room within our accomodation.

Our boarding rate is £10 per day (including day of arrival and departure) and that includes use of the Vivarium including all lighting and heating use along with all fresh and live food and supplements.

In light of the energy price cap rise, for Reptile bookings between 1st November and 21st March there will be a 50 pence/day surcharge for the extra overnight heating required to maintain a constant night time temperature.

Please note that a surcharge of £7 per vivarium/enclosure is payable for stays that include Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Years Day with arrivals and departures unavailable on these days.

Jasmine one of our guests

All our vivariums and the interior decor is cleaned with F10 between guests and for hygiene reasons we keep our guests on paper towel or Reptile carpet as a substrate. We provide sand in boxes for those who request it (Eva likes to dig!). We also allow our guests a warm bath if it is something they enjoy and try to keep to their usual schedule as much as possible and will ask for their usual temperatures and lighting requirements on our booking forms. Please download the booking form below.

Enya one of our Bearded who is sadly no longer with us.

Vivariums are kept within our heated and ventilated boarding accommodation and we monitor vivarium temperates very closely during your pets stay.

Eva is one of our resident Rankin’s
One of our smaller Vivarium (suitable for Rankins and Geckos)