If you would like to arrange a visit to view the hotel please call or contact us through the contact form on our home page. We are more than happy to accommodate this so you can have peace of mind when you are leaving your pets, we know that young children in particular can get quite upset about leaving their pets somewhere unfamiliar.

All of our accommodation is within our fully ventilated and insulated garage, we are able to offer flexible layouts for all of our guests. Our hutches are either 4ftx2ft or 5ftx2ft and are used for single or double occupancy. For any group 3 or larger we will either use a 6ftx2ft hutch or we have two 8ftx3ft pens. Our 8ft pens are also split down in to 4ftx3ft suitable for pairs or singles.

Our accommodation is allocated on a booking by booking basis and we will select the appropriate sized space according to the number of piggies booked. We cannot reserve individual spaces however you can book a larger space if you wish and it is available but you will be charged according to the space that area is suitable for.

Our 8ftx3ft pen suitable for groups of 4 or more.

We have four Vivarium available for reptile and Tortoise boarding, these range from 3ft to 5ft in size.

5ft and 4ft Vivarium
5ft and 3ft Vivarium