All of our accommodation is within our fully ventilated and heated garage, we are able to offer fully flexible layouts for all of our guests. Our hutches are either 4ftx2ft or 5ftx2ft and are used for single or double occupancy. For any group 3 or larger we will use a hutch with pen for extra room. Our pens are able to be customised to any size up to 35sqft and so we can accommodate larger groups of adult Tortoise too.

Please note we don’t board rabbits, they are my own pets in the pictures but are an example of what we can provide.

Our double story 4ftx2ft hutch suitable for singles or pairs of Guinea Pigs
Floor level 5ftx2ft hutch with pen attached suitable for larger groups of Guinea Pigs or Tortoise

We have four Vivarium available for reptile and Tortoise boarding, these range from 3ft to 5ft in size.

5ft and 4ft Vivarium
5ft and 3ft Vivarium