Home visits

We are pleased to be able to offer pet home visits as part of our services. Whether you have fish, cats, reptiles, birds, snakes or all of the above we can come and drop in when you cant be there to feed, water, exercise, socialise and of course provide lots of love and cuddles. We can also administer medication if needed and provide our grooming services in the comfort of the pets own home including Nail clipping, brushing, matt removal and trimming of long hair. More information is available on our grooming page.

There are many scenarios where our pets are safer and better off in their own home while you cannot be there. Some will become stressed in a new environment such as a cattery or boarding establishment, some live in such a way it would be impossible to transport them somewhere (fish tanks or aviarys) and in these situations we can take care of them in their own environment.

As an owner of multiple pets of different species I fully understand it can be very expensive to board everyone separately and in this sort of scenario it can be far more cost effective to have a drop in service.

We will tailor our visits to suit your pets needs, we can come as often as you wish and as such the cost of this service is on application. We can cover all our local area including Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Five Oak Green, Paddock Wood, East Peckham, Golden Green, Hadlow, Mereworth and Tudeley. For visits further afield their will be a milage surcharge of 45 pence per mile for locations over six miles from our home address.

We offer a free 20 minute no obligation visit where we can come and meet you and your pets to understand your needs for your pets. We can tailor our visits to meet your needs and then if you would like to use our services we can provide our forms and contract for the service.

I am fully DBS checked and insured through Pet Plan Sanctuary.

Cat Visits

We can come in once or twice a day to provide fresh water, to feed, spot clean litter trays and to provide company and cuddles. We will play and provide mental stimulation and some garden time if you wish. As a qualified groomer I can also offer nail trimming at £10 per cat. Prices start from £10 per 30 minute visit.

Rabbit Visits

We only offer rabbit visits on a minimum of twice daily, this is due to how quickly a rabbits health can change and how fragile they can be. As an owner of rabbits myself I know all too well how quickly conditions such as Gut statis can set in and how quick intervention can make all the difference.

During our visits we will provide fresh water, hay and food and make sure rabbits are in good health, we can provide exercise in secure environments only and will spot clean litter trays and hutches. Hutches/Litter trays will be cleaned every 3 days. Priced from £20 per day for twice daily visits.

Other small pets

From Hamsters to Chinchillas, Chickens or ducks we can pop in and make sure they are fed, have fresh water, time to exercise, cuddles and we will spot clean cages/runs where needed.

Prices from £10 per 30 min visit.

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